How to reinforce a door for security

front door with lock

You can reinforce your front door with a lock, door shield, or even an armored front door. 

Reinforce A Door With A Lock

The condition for a front door to be reinforced only with a secure lock is that the door is of good quality. 

Otherwise, it is useless; the burglar will attack the door. How? ‘Or’ What? Two burglar techniques :

  • at the crowbar by shattering the wooden frame of the door
  • Or by making the “manhole” in the bottom panel of the door. If this one is not solid, a few hits, and it will burst.

Therefore, only a sturdy, thick door, typically in solid oak, surrounded by a frame that is also resistant, can only be fitted with a lock.

If this is the case, choose a security lock, an A2P lock, certified by the CNPP (National Center for Prevention and Protection), an independent body recognized by insurance companies.

Opt instead for a 5-point overlay lock; this will strengthen the rigidity of your landing door.

Secure Your Front Door With Armor

If your door is of average quality, choose the installation of door shielding.

This will dress the inside of your landing door with a steel plate and, ideally, will be a sheath armor that will also protect your door’s edges. And of course, the armor will also concern the frame of your door by covering it too with steel plates.

Choose A2P armor; door armor tested and certified by the CNPP to resist theft and break-in attempts.

secured back door

Replace Your Landing Door With An Armored Door

Do you want your door not only to protect you against attempted break-ins but also against noise and/or fire?

But you will then have to worry about the co-ownership regulations for your building: certain regulations require that the appearance of the landing doors be preserved.

Our single-leaf armored doors offer the two-color option, with the landing face in a different color from that of the interior and even with 6 wood tones.

This should resolve the constraint of the condominium regulation. Otherwise, use door shielding, which hardly modifies the exterior appearance of your landing door.

Depending on the material, a door will be more or less resistant to any drilling attempt: aluminum and steel perform the best; more flexible PVC can break. As for wood, a more vulnerable material can be reinforced by a steel plate screwed onto its interior surface, supplemented by other security elements. Aside from the armored versions, be aware that the entrance doors of individual houses have minimal security equipment to delay the break-in.

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