New Way Of Outdoor Cooking

pellet smoker

I have never been to crazy about grilling food outdoors. The reasons is probably that I am a little bit of a clean freak and do not like the mess that charcoal makes.

Plus all the cleaning after you are done with the BBQ is not my favorite thing to do. So, I don’t know to much about grilling, smoking or other outdoor cooking adventures everyone else is doing.

I love food that is grilled but I don’t like to do it myself until recently.

What Happened That I Changed My Mind About BBQ?

A few weeks ago we were invited to to a friends house that cooks most his meals, or should I say meats, outside on the grill. He tried to get me interested in it since he knew that I love to cook.

However, as I told before, I do not like to fool with charcoal or even gas although I love the taste of grilled meat and vegetables.

This time it was different and the reason is that he bought a new type of grill. Actually it is not just a grill but also a smoker and the big difference with the other ones was that it does not use charcoal or gas.

This thing was fueled by so-called pellets. At first I was not too interested since I though it was just a new gadget but after having a good look at it I was starting to like this thing that is called a pellet grill.

By the way if you are interested in how he came up with this brand pellet grill you can have a look at this article.

What I liked

What I like about it is that these pellets only make a little dust when you are putting them in the pellet smoker and this dust was nothing compared to the charcoal dust that I hated so much.

The second thing I liked was that cleaning afterwards was so easy since the pellet burn clean and just leave a little bit of residue behind in the grill.

What I Did Not Like

I was still not convinced about this pellet smoker but it was a lot better than I thought.

I did not like the fact that you need electricity to run it. I like to grill all the way in the back of my yard and do not have electricity there. So, I needed a long extension cord to run it where I wanted it.

The second thing I did not like too much was that you still had to buy those special pellets and that this was the only way you can use it. I had to store them somewhere and my space is already limited.

The Taste Test.

Now it was time to come to the most important part and that was how the meat tasted. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the meat he cooked for us that day. It did not have the strong charcoal, or should I say wood, taste that I was used to but it had a nice flavor.

hamburger cooked on a pellet grill

My Opinion About A Pellet Grill

After this outdoor cooking with our friends I had to think about this for a while and adding up all the pros and cons in my head.

I liked he easy to use way of them and that was a big plus for me. The taste was not too much smokey as I was used to but my friend told me that you can add more smoke to it if you like.

The taste of the meat was very good and that was because of the built in thermometers in as well the grill as the meat that you cook. That was a big plus for me again.

My final thought is that I probably end up buying a pellet grill and the brand my friend has works fine so that will be the one I will buy after seeing him using it.

If you have any thought on the subject of pellet smokers feel free to let me know.

Ashley Stock