Where To Buy American Wagyu

Wagyu beef on a plate

Wagyu beef is one of the rising stars in the world of beef. And this is not for nothing. The quality is many times mentioned as being the best in the world.

There is however one catch. The price is extremely high. That was the reason for beef producers to start what I would basically think we can call the American Wagyu.

What I forgot to mention above is that Wagyu comes from a special breed of cows in Japan. These cows can not be exported to any other country and this, and the way that is raised and fed is what makes them so special.

What Is American Waguy

American Wagyu cattle, also known as American-style Kobe beef, are a mix of Japanese Wagyu cows and American breeds. In most cases, the American breed is also from an excellent and high standard breed.

According to the real expert, this meat is not as good as the real deal from Japan. However, the prices are more affordable however still higher than the beef we are used to in our supermarkets or online butcher stores.

There are several places where you can order American Wagyu beef and the number of stores is rising because of the popularity of this special meat.

When I was doing research on where to buy American Wagyu I stumbled upon a great review on the Couch Potato Delivery website and you can read their opinion about it in his Snake River Farms reviews. I found it very valuable and filled with information.

What Cuts Of Wagyu Can You Find

As you might know when you have some of my other articles I am not the person to take all types of information automatically as true and do my own research. The cuts of meat I found that are made from American Wagyu were a lot longer than I expected. Here is a summary.

  • Wagyu Brisket
  • Wagyu burgers
  • Wagyu ribs
  • Wagyu hot dogs

This is just a short list because there were more such as roast, steaks, and many special cuts that are in general not available in many stores.

Cooking Wagyu

As you might think, cooking Wagyu is not the same as the beef you have cooked before. The marbling, which is used as one of the ways to qualify Wagyu, in combination with the meat that is softer, that is the best way I can describe it. than regular beef needs less time to cook.

If you grill it or cook it in a skillet, Make sure to reduce your cooking time or you end up with a dry piece of meat.

Because of the tenderness, it is also advised not to use the same amount of seasoning but take it down a notch or two. This meat has so much flavor from itself that you do not need to season as a normal piece of beef.

Wagyu Beef – My Opinion

I think that Wagyu is not for everyone. The price might be a concern for many. I believe however that it is worth the American Wagyu a change. I am sure that if you pay attention to the way you cook it you will be pleasantly surprised by the taste.

Ashley Stock